Best Tikom Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Tikom Smart Navigation technology

Tikom robot vacuum cleaner review.
  • Tikom robot vacuum cleaner review.
  • GYROSCOPE SMART NAVIGATION: G7000 Robotic Vacuums will clean your home more thoroughly following an efficient Zig-zag path when compared to random path robotic vacuums. This exclusive smart navigation improves cleaning efficiency by 30%.

Tikom robot vacuum cleaner review. The Gyroscope Smart Navigation technology on the Tikom G7000 robot vacuum cleaner improves the cleaning efficiency by 30%. This technology is especially useful in squeaky floors and hard-to-reach corners. It is also equipped with a wide array of sensors to detect dirt and debris, so it can clean areas more effectively.

Tikom Smart app and voice integrations

Tikom robot vacuum cleaner review.

Controls on the Tuya Smart app and voice integrations help you customize the cleaning mode on the Tikom G7000. You can also create a map with the help of voice commands. Despite its small dust bin, it can still collect a lot of dirt and debris. However, the vacuum cleaner does not feature a virtual boundary feature.

The Tikom G7000 robot vacuum cleaner has the ability to clean both carpet and hard floors with ease. It also has several features that make it easy to use. It features a cord-wrap system and an automatic increase in suction power when it senses carpets. It also has a detachable hose and crevice tool. Its quiet operation makes it perfect for households with small children and pets.

Tikom Battery Life

The Tikom G7000 robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 120-minute battery life, which is good for a small house or apartment. It also can clean tight corners and under furniture. Its powerful motor is very powerful and can handle a lot of dust and debris. It also doesn’t require any filters to be replaced. While it is not the best robot vacuum cleaner available, it has its positive points and flaws.

Tikom Warranty

tikom robot vacuum

This is an excellent robot vacuum cleaner for the price. It will clean carpets and hard floors and tidy up after itself. The mop head is automatically washed after every use. Moreover, the robot can map your home using its laser navigation technology, which allows it to avoid obstacles up to two inches in height. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Another benefit of the G7000 robot vacuum cleaner is its Gyroscope Smart Navigation technology, which increases the cleaning efficiency by 30%. It also includes a built-in APP that allows you to control it using your voice. In addition, the G7000 robot vacuum is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. A high-quality battery provides up to 120 minutes of work time.

Tikom Safety Features

tikom robot vacuum

The Tikom G7000 robot vacuum cleaner offers remote control and a low battery indicator. This robot vacuum should be on your list if you’re interested in finding a good robot vacuum. With so many models available on the market, choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner can be a challenge. This robot vacuum cleaner will help you save time and money.

The downside of Tikom Vacuum cleaner

A downside of this product is its size. Larger models require extra equipment for proper cleaning.

Customer’s FAQ’s on Tikom robot vacuum cleaner

Is there any difference between G6000 and G7000 robot vacuum?

1. The suction of the G6000 is 2200pa and the g7000 is 2700pa.
2. The G7000 can link to WiFi, but the G6000 doesn’t.

For this robot vacuum pet hair, Does the wifi stay lit all the time or only when it’s cleaning?

Usually when it’s running and charging.

When the robot returns to the base to charge does it go back to where it left off cleaning?

After the robot returns to the charging station and is fully charged, when you turn on the cleaning mode again, the robot will start a new round of cleaning.

What if I don’t have wifi? Does the cleaning robot work manually as well?

Yes, you can manually press the top button to start/stop it.

Does the robot vacuum cleaner have a warranty?

the warranty is one year.

Does a smart robot vacuum pick up sand?

sure. it can pick up sand, dust, and so on well.

Tikom G7000 robot vacuum cleaner
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best-tikom-robot-vacuum-cleaner-reviewWe've all seen the commercials for robotic vacuums, and many of us have been intrigued by the idea of owning one. I'm here to tell you that the Tikom Robot Vacuum Cleaner is definitely worth the investment. This nifty little machine does a great job of cleaning your floors, and it's very easy to use.To operate, simply press the power button and then select the desired mode. The Tikom will then get to work cleaning your floors.