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The Gyroscope Smart Navigation helps improve the cleaning performance by 30%. Its 2700PA Strong Suction can cope with dust and hair. It delivers the perfect cleaning performance on hardwood floors and medium-pile carpets. This robot vacuum is also designed to handle large and small items. It has a rechargeable lithium battery, which is convenient for daily use.


tikom robot vacuum

The Tikom G7000 robot vacuum has impressive features for a great price. Its Gyroscope Smart Navigation system helps increase cleaning performance by 30%. It has a large cleaning surface and can reach all corners of the house. It also features an automatic dustpan and brush attachment. It comes with a 3-year warranty. tikom robot vacuum.

The Tikom G7000 can be controlled via voice integrations or with the Tuya Smart app. The app can be used to set the cleaning mode. It also has a map that allows you to program where you want the vacuum to clean. The only downside is that you can’t set virtual boundaries with this model, but it does come with a magnetic strip that serves the same purpose as virtual boundaries.

If you’re looking for a cheap robot vacuum that is capable of deep cleaning carpets and hard floors, the Tikom G7000 is a great choice. Its powerful 4500Pa suction can remove debris from carpet fibers in just one pass. It also has excellent air permeability and water absorption. The Tikom G7000 also comes with reusable, machine-washable vacuum pads.

4500Pa Strong S

The Tikom robot vacuum 4500Pa Strongs is a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Its features include an app for controlling the robot, a charging base, an ac adapter, a 2500mAh lithium battery, a zigzag sweeping path, and two side brushes. It also comes with a cleaning tool and a 12-month warranty.

Its powerful suction makes it ideal for carpets. It also has the ability to adjust its suction power based on the surface. This vacuum cleaner can also automatically clean areas where it is not allowed. The vacuum comes with a remote, and it can also be controlled using a smartphone, Alexa, or Google Home.

This robot vacuum is capable of cleaning hardwood floors for up to 90 minutes**, and its suction power is consistent throughout the cleaning cycle. Once it has finished cleaning, it will return to its charging station to recharge. Its three-stage cleaning system can get under furniture and has a low failure rate.

Magnetic strip tikom robot vacuum

If you want to use your robot vacuum to clean the floors and baseboards without damaging them, a magnetic strip may be the solution you’re looking for. Magnetic tapes are useful for separating individual elements and areas of carpet, and they can also help protect baseboards and walls. Magnetic strips are most effective for carpets that are not too thick.

Tikom robot vacuums are equipped with magnetic strips. The strips help you control the vacuum’s movement, and they also serve as boundary markers. Using the magnetic strip, you can easily define boundaries and prevent the vacuum from getting entangled in your expensive carpet. The magnetic strips come with the robot, but you can also use an inexpensive magnetic strip as a delineation strip.

Gyroscope smart navigation

Gyroscope smart navigation is an important feature for any robot vacuum cleaner. It allows the vacuum cleaner to navigate your home without relying on your presence. This is especially important if you are not at home to supervise the vacuuming process. The Tikom vacuum also features two large wheels and an infrared sensor to help it navigate your home. It also includes a water tank so you don’t have to worry about the robot dumping dirty water everywhere.

The Tikom G8000 robotic vacuum has a 2700PA suction power that will handle a wide range of surfaces. It is also capable of cleaning hardwood floors. If the battery is low, the vacuum will automatically return to its charging station to charge. The vacuum also follows a zigzag path to clean your floor efficiently. Its intelligent navigation system also provides a 30% increase in cleaning productivity. Furthermore, it has a boundary strip feature, so it can clean a room with a barrier. tikom robot vacuum


The Tikom G7000 is an affordable robot vacuum that can clean carpets, bare floors, and hard surfaces. It has 2700 Pa suction power to vacuum all types of dirt and debris. It features a carpet boost feature that automatically increases suction power when cleaning carpets. It can also be set to clean hard floors with lower suction power.

The Tikom G7000 is compatible with voice integrations and the Tuya Smart app. This app can help you select the cleaning mode and map the area. While it doesn’t come with a virtual boundary feature, it does come with a magnetic strip, which serves the same purpose as a virtual boundary feature in more expensive models.

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