Top 5 Best Mini Fridges in the UK

Best Mini Fridges

When it comes to choosing the best mini fridge for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the Crownful CF-PC4LBLK. There’s also the Subcold Super85, a Cookology tabletop fridge, and the Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B. But which of these models is best? We’ve reviewed each of them in detail, so you can make an informed decision.

Crownful CF-PC4LBLK

If you’re looking for a portable mini refrigerator, the Crownful CF-PC4LBLK is a great choice. It features a 4-Liter capacity, which is enough room for six twelve-ounce soda cans. It also features a removable shelf and a convenient carry handle. Its internal thermostat helps the fridge stay cool to 32 degrees below ambient temperature while keeping food and beverages warm to 149 degrees.

It features a transparent glass front door and a flat back design. It’s easy to clean and won’t scratch your furniture. It’s also CETL-approved and comes with a one-year warranty. Despite its small size, this Crownful mini fridge can keep food and beverages cool for up to four hours and stay warm for as long as four hours with its built-in thermostat.

Another feature that makes the CROWNFUL CF-PC4LBLK mini-fridge ideal for quiet places is its reversible door. It is easy to open and close, and the thermostat is easily adjustable. The freezer is 8 inches wide and 2 inches tall, which is plenty big enough to store most frozen dinners. It also has a convenient ice tray and a two-year compressor warranty. It also has a low sound operation, which is great for quiet environments.

Subcold Super85

The Subcold Super85 LED mini fridge is a stylish and functional mini fridge. It is made of durable metals and insulated with high-density foam. Its adjustable thermostat allows you to set the temperature to suit your requirements. This fridge is ideal for homes as it has a capacity of 85 liters. It has a low noise level and is Energy A+ rated.

It features a reversible glass door and four strong wire shelves. It also has an internal LED light. It also comes with a two-year warranty. It is CE and ROHS-compliant. It is also dishwasher safe. Whether you want a small fridge for your apartment or an entire room for entertaining, the Subcold Super85 will be a perfect choice.

The Subcold Super 85 Under-Counter Beer Fridge is the ideal choice for storing beer and other drinks. Its lock and quiet compressor ensure that it is safe to use in a home. The Subcold Super85 Under-Counter Beer Fridge is also perfect for a shed pub or home bar. Its lock and key ensure that nobody can access it without your permission. In addition to being energy-efficient, the Subcold Super85 also comes with an interior LED light that illuminates your beer and keeps it cool.

Cookology tabletop mini fridge

The Cookology tabletop mini fridge comes with a 46-liter capacity. It’s also available with a built-in ice box. It’s designed for home and office use. This fridge has a metal back for extra safety against flames. This makes it a great option for student apartments, guest rooms, and offices.

If you’re on a budget, the Cookology MFR45WH tabletop fridge might be a good option. It features a similar interior layout but is significantly cheaper. The downside is that it is slightly heavier. The Cookology MFR45WH weighs 16.4 kg, compared to just 14 kg for the Russell Hobbs model. However, it still boasts the same A+ energy rating. It can hold 46 liters and is very quiet. It also makes ice for cocktails.

Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B

The compact Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B tabletop larder fridge has a capacity of 45 liters. Although compact in size, the fridge still packs a punch in terms of capacity. Its dimensions are 47.2 x 49.2 cm, making it ideal for smaller living spaces.

The Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B is available in black, and costs PS120. Delivery is free, and it will be delivered to your home within three to five days. The fridge is compatible with most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

If you need extra refrigerator space but don’t want to sacrifice style, the Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B Table Top Fridge is a perfect solution. Its plain, black design makes it ideal for any kitchen counter or other room, and its 43-liter capacity will free up space in the main fridge. It also has a bottle rack in the door for added convenience.

Cooseon Mini Fridge

The COOSEON mini fridge is a great option if you want to keep your beauty products cool while on the go. It has a 6-liter capacity and is powered by an adapter or power plug. It can be switched between a warm and a cool temperature and has a grip on the bottom so that it does not slide or tip over.

The COOSEON mini fridge has a Constant Temperature System, making it perfect for storing skincare products and cosmetics. This appliance is also a great place to store your wet towels and other items. There is even a removable shelf for your cosmetics. This unit can cool eight 11 oz. cans to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, and warm up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This fridge features a stylish mirror door with a tempered glass design. It is also highly durable and dirt-resistant. It can hold four 330ml cans and has dual functions for convenience. The cooling function is for beverages, fruits, skin care products, medicines, and other items, while the heating function is for food, hot drinks, and bento. The ergonomic doorknob is also sturdy and allows for a secure grip over the door.

The compact design makes this refrigerator an ideal gift for girls and women. It measures 11″ by 7-1/4″ by 10″ and weighs less than ten pounds. It also comes with an AC, DC, or USB power cord for your convenience. Its size makes it ideal for dorm rooms, personal spaces, and road trips.

Below are some FAQs on Mini Fridge

Can you leave a mini fridge on all the time?

Yes, you can leave a mini fridge on all the time. Just be sure to empty it out every so often to keep it from getting too stinky.

Why do you have to wait 24 hours to plug in a mini fridge?

This is a great question! Many people don’t realize that mini-fridges need to be cooled down before you plug them in. Otherwise, you risk damaging the fridge and your food.

How long do mini fridges usually last?

Depends on the quality of the fridge and how well you take care of it. I’ve had mini fridges that have lasted me years, and others that have barely made it a year.

How long do you have to stand a mini fridge up after laying it down?

If you want your mini fridge to work properly, you need to give it at least 24 hours to stand up after laying it down.

Can you lay a refrigerator on its side for 30 minutes?

Yes, you can lay a refrigerator on its side for 30 minutes, but it’s not recommended. If you do it, make sure to put something heavy on top of the fridge so it doesn’t move.

Do mini-fridges use a lot of power?

They certainly use more power than your average nightlight, but mini-fridges are still relatively efficient.

Can I plug a mini fridge into my bedroom?

Yes, you can plug a mini fridge into your bedroom. However, we advise against it as it can be quite noisy and disruptive to your sleep.