Daring Dime Heist: Four Philadelphians Charged After Massive Mint Truck Theft

Dime Heist

In a daring Dime Heist that sounds like it’s straight out of a Hollywood movie, four men from Philadelphia are facing federal charges after making off with over two million dimes from a U.S. Mint tractor-trailer truck back in April. This audacious caper involved a peculiar cargo – millions of dimes – worth a staggering $750,000. The details of the theft and its aftermath read like a real-life crime thriller.

The Accused

The four daring men at the center of this intriguing case are Rakiem Savage, 25; Ronald Byrd, 31; Haneef Palmer, 30; and Malik Palmer, 32. They now face a slew of serious charges, including conspiracy, robbery, theft of government funds, and more. According to court documents, on April 13, they managed to pilfer a jaw-dropping $234,500 worth of dimes.

The Boldest of Robberies

What makes this heist even more astonishing is the audacity of the robbers. Allegedly, the thieves employed nothing more than bolt cutters to break into an unmarked tractor-trailer, unaware that it contained 75 million dimes. The unsuspecting driver had parked the vehicle in a Walmart parking lot to catch some shut-eye during his journey to Miami. It was a chance encounter that forever changed the course of this audacious quartet.

A Spree of Plunder

Prosecutors claim that the four men were not novices in the world of crime. They were allegedly responsible for several other robberies involving freight trains passing through the region. Their loot included a diverse assortment, ranging from alcoholic beverages to frozen crab legs, shrimp, and meat. This dynamic gang was certainly not picky when it came to their ill-gotten gains.

Dime Heist Unveiled

The aftermath of this unusual robbery left a trail of dimes in the parking lot. Security footage revealed individuals in gray hoodies descending on the trailer in the dead of night. Armed with box cutters, they loaded the dimes into smaller bags and discreetly transferred them to another truck. The parking lot was left glistening with an unexpected fortune – a sea of dimes.

A Word of Caution

In the wake of this audacious theft, Philadelphia’s Police Captain John Ryan had some advice for the public. He warned, “If for some reason you have a lot of dimes at home, this is probably not the time to cash them in.” It seems the sudden influx of dimes in the market would raise suspicions.

Attempted Cash-In

As the investigation unfolded, court documents revealed that the daring quartet attempted to cash in on their unusual haul. They deposited and exchanged several thousand dollars worth of the stolen dimes. An online calculator estimating the cash value of coins based on weight became a tool in their scheme. Malik Palmer allegedly shared a link to this calculator with Ronald Byrd, who then disseminated it to the other two accomplices.

The Mysterious Fate of the Stolen Dimes

Despite their efforts to cash in, the court filings indicate that only a fraction of the stolen money was either deposited or exchanged. What happened to the remaining over $200,000 worth of dimes remains shrouded in mystery. Did the criminals hide it, spend it, or stash it away for another day? The answers to these questions are still unknown.


This audacious dime heist certainly keeps law enforcement and the public on their toes. As the case unfolds, the four accused men from Philadelphia find themselves at the center of a sensational and unusual tale of crime. In the end, it serves as a stark reminder that truth is often stranger than fiction. The fate of the missing dimes may continue to baffle us, but one thing is clear – this story of the dime heist will be remembered for a long time to come.