Dime heist: 4 Philadelphia men charged after millions of dimes stolen from US Mint truck.

Four Philadelphians charged for stealing $234,500 worth of dimes from a U.S. Mint truck.

Bold heist involved bolt cutters and a parked trailer with $750,000 in dimes.

Accused men faced multiple charges, including robbery and conspiracy.

Previous robberies included goods like alcoholic beverages and crab legs.

Security footage captured the thieves loading dimes in gray hoodies.

Public cautioned against cashing in dimes to avoid suspicion.

Stolen dimes worth thousands were deposited and exchanged.

Online calculator used to estimate the value of the coin haul.

The whereabouts of the remaining $200,000 in stolen dimes remain unknown.

An audacious crime story reminding us that real life can be stranger than fiction.

The fate of the missing dimes may continue to baffle us, but one thing is clear – this story of the dime heist will be remembered for a long time to come.