Denial of Abortion Request to Teenage Rape Victim Sparks Controversy: Bombay High Court Ruling Examined.

Teenage Rape Victim Denied Abortion Request: Bombay High Court

The Bombay High Court has denied the abortion request of a teenage rape victim.
The court’s decision has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the rights of rape victims.



The case involves a teenage girl who became pregnant as a result of rape. She approached the Bombay High Court seeking permission for an abortion.

Court’s Decision

The Bombay High Court rejected the girl’s request for an abortion. The court cited the medical opinion that the pregnancy was advanced and termination would pose a risk to the girl’s life.

Legal Grounds

The court based its decision on the provisions of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act. According to the Act, a pregnancy can only be terminated if it poses a risk to the life of the pregnant woman.

Controversial Decision

The court’s decision has generated controversy and sparked a debate on the rights of rape victims. Many argue that denying the girl’s abortion request further traumatizes her and deprives her of her right to make choices about her own body.

Advocates’ Arguments

Advocates supporting the girl’s plea emphasize the physical and psychological trauma she has already endured. They argue that denying her the right to terminate the pregnancy exacerbates her suffering and violates her rights.

Medical Opinion

The medical opinion presented in court highlighted the advanced stage of the pregnancy. Doctors expressed concerns about the risks associated with a late-term abortion, which could endanger the girl’s life.

Legal Limitations

The MTP Act imposes restrictions on the termination of pregnancies beyond a certain gestational age. The court, bound by the provisions of the Act, had to consider the limitations while making its decision.

Public Outcry

The court’s decision has triggered public outcry and led to protests by activists and women’s rights organizations. Many argue that the law needs to be revised to provide more options and support for rape victims facing unwanted pregnancies.


The denial of the teenage rape victim’s abortion request by the Bombay High Court has ignited a heated discussion on the rights of rape survivors.

The case highlights the need for a comprehensive review of existing laws to ensure the well-being and autonomy of women in such sensitive situations.