Junooniyat 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi Reunites Her Parents

Junooniyat 13th October 2023: Ilahi Reunites Her Parents

Junooniyat 13th October 2023

Scene 1

Junooniyat 13th October 2023: In a moment of profound astonishment, Jahan finds himself in the presence of Daljit. He directs his query toward Husna, perplexed as to the purpose of Daljit’s unexpected arrival. The embrace shared between her and Ilahi intensifies his curiosity. Tears well in Husna’s eyes as she utters the revelation: Daljit is, indeed, Ilahi’s mother. At long last, the estranged family has rekindled their bonds. Overwhelmed with emotion, Jahan expresses his gratitude to the divine. Meanwhile, Ilahi, bewildered, approaches Daljit with a heartfelt query, “Where have you been? Did you not miss me even for a single day? Both Dad and I yearned for your presence incessantly.” Daljit, her eyes brimming with tears, replies, “I miss you every day, my child. My fervent prayers were always for your happiness.” Ilahi’s poignant response ensues: “You were my happiness.” Their tearful reunion unfolds as they embrace one another, Ilahi confessing her elation, “I am so jubilant.” In turn, Daljit utters, “I am elated as well. Both my daughters have returned to me. Observe your sister.” Ilahi, taken aback, inquires about Seerat. Her unexpected encounter with Seerat, who makes a shocking declaration, leaves her stupefied. Seerat laments, “My sister? First, you usurped my affection, and now my mother. I detest you.” Ilahi stands in disbelief as Daljit envelops her in a consoling embrace. Amidst the embrace, Daljit directs Ilahi to conclude her concert, promising a reunion at their home.

Approaching Ilahi, Jahan proceeds to make a revelation. He asserts that Jordan’s essential nature remains unaltered. In a bid to unveil Jordan’s true character, he implores Ilahi to accompany him, ensuring her awareness of Jordan’s authentic self. In a secluded room, the one in which Jordan was detained, the unexpected becomes evident – Jordan has vanished. Perturbed by the mysterious disappearance, Jahan confronts the makeup artist, demanding to know Jordan’s whereabouts. The bewildered artist’s response: “Who is Jordan?” Displeased by the response, Jahan issues a stern rebuke, insistent upon the truth. The makeup artist unveils the unsettling fact that a certain individual had offered Ilahi a drink. Jordan, in a calculated move, had administered a concoction, rendering Ilahi unable to sing. Taking immediate action, Jahan scolds the artist before inquiring again, “Where is Jordan?”

Ilahi, alarmed, decides to inspect the room. During her search, a telltale discovery is made – Jordan’s distinctive ring left behind. In an intense exchange, Jahan, increasingly concerned, pleads for Ilahi’s trust. In the midst of this, Jordan reappears on the scene. Greeting Ilahi with praise for her exceptional performance, he extends an invitation for autographs from her adoring fans. In a possessive gesture, he takes hold of her hand. Jahan’s impassioned outcry demands Jordan’s immediate release. However, Ilahi interjects, “Stop, Jahan. Don’t forget, he is my husband. You cannot treat him with disrespect.” Jahan, growingly disillusioned, makes an earnest appeal, “You are making a grave mistake.” But Ilahi firmly insists, “Cease this. Do you have any evidence? I know Jordan loves me. He has changed. Do not meddle in my affairs.” With a heavy heart, Ilahi departs with Jordan, leaving Jahan in a state of profound shock. Inwardly, Ilahi acknowledges, “I am sorry, Jahan. I know you are right, but I must continue with this charade to expose Jordan and secure my divorce.”

Scene 2

Ilahi expresses her heartfelt gratitude for her mother’s return. Filled with emotion, she shares her determination never to let her mother depart again. Jordan enters the scene, attempting to console her amidst tears. He commends his role in orchestrating her mother’s return, reinforcing the promise of her success and family reunion. Proposing a celebratory drive and dinner, Jordan attempts to take Ilahi away. She, however, insists that the day holds great significance for her, as she wishes to commemorate it with her mother exclusively. Jordan graciously accepts her decision and requests her to convey his regards to Daljit.

Ilahi subsequently reaches out to Daljit, devising a plan for a surprise reunion with her father. The rendezvous is scheduled outside their residence. Meanwhile, she notices Jahan indulging in alcohol consumption, a departure from his customary behavior. Baffled by this anomaly, Ilahi confronts him, inquiring about the reason behind his uncharacteristic behavior. In response, Jahan, wounded by her apparent lack of trust, laments, “The one I cherished the most does not believe in me.” Unfazed by her interjection, he brazenly questions, “Who are you to prohibit me?” The confrontation escalates as Ilahi, in a moment of resolve, smashes the bottle, leaving Jahan to lament, “You have shattered not only my heart but also this bottle. I believed you loved me.” His grip tightens as he takes hold of her hand. Witnessing the unfolding scene is Jordan, who stands in sheer astonishment. He confronts Jahan with a provocative query, “What transpires here?” Jahan, compelled to respond, pleads for Ilahi to renounce the charade and express her contempt for Jordan. He implores her to admit her love for him. Ilahi, her heart heavy with an unspoken truth, utters, “Please, desist.” Jordan intervenes, resorting to violence as he strikes Jahan. A stern declaration follows: “How dare you touch my wife?” Jahan counters, resolute, “She is not your wife. She does not love you.” Ilahi, torn between loyalty and the charade she has orchestrated, pleads for an end to the confrontation. She instructs Jahan to retreat indoors. Jordan, infuriated, takes his leave, cautioning Jahan, “Your actions today will not go unpunished.”

Scene 3

Amar is taken aback when he opens the door, revealing Daljit’s presence. The sight leaves everyone within the household in a state of astonishment. Ilahi, after a heartfelt appeal, acknowledges her departure against Amar’s wishes but asserts that he will soon understand the reasoning behind her actions. Expressing her fervent wish for an alternative response, she and Amar share a poignant moment, tears marking the occasion. The emotional reunion culminates in tears from Daljit.

In the midst of these events, Dolly encounters Jahan, whose inebriation raises questions and concerns. Jahan, overwhelmed by his separation from Ilahi, laments that life without her is unbearable. Dolly intervenes, guiding him inside. Jordan, ever watchful, seizes the opportunity to assert, “You shall survive without Ilahi.” A resolute Jahan rebuts, “I shall perish without her.”

Meanwhile, Ilahi, overwhelmed with joy, thanks the divine for the return of her mother. A heartfelt exchange between mother and daughter unfolds. Jordan enters the scene, offering his congratulations on this momentous day, claiming credit for facilitating Daljit’s return. He proposes a celebratory drive and dinner, to which Ilahi is hesitant to commit, given the significance of the day. Her preference is to celebrate exclusively with her mother, a wish that Jordan respects, asking her to convey his greetings.

Ilahi subsequently contacts Daljit, planning a surprise for her father. She arranges to meet outside. However, her attention is drawn to Jahan, who is uncharacteristically inebriated. Perplexed by this divergence from his usual demeanor, she confronts him, questioning his reasons for indulging in alcohol. Jahan, wounded by her perceived lack of faith in him, declares, “The one I cherished most does not trust me.” In response, he questions her authority to prevent his actions, intensifying the confrontation. Ilahi, resolved to uphold her charade, smashes a bottle in defiance, resulting in Jahan’s lament, “You have shattered not only my heart but also this bottle. I believed you loved me.” In an impassioned plea, he insists she express her love for him. Ilahi, her heart heavy with her unspoken motives, can only respond with, “Please, desist.” The situation escalates as Jordan reappears, struck by the unexpected scene before him. He confronts Jahan, challenging him, “What is happening here?” Jahan, in a moment of defiance, beseeches Ilahi to abandon the charade and express her disdain for Jordan, imploring her to admit her love for him. The confrontation subsides as Ilahi implores Jahan to retreat indoors. Jordan, incensed, departs with a stern warning for Jahan, “You shall pay for your actions today.”

Scene 4

The narrative takes a grim turn when a mysterious individual renders Jahan unconscious and drags him away. Inside the house, Seerat has fainted. Ilahi and Daljit, deeply concerned, rush to attend to her injuries. Their attention shifts to Seerat, who reveals the depths of her despair and self-loathing. Seerat pushes Ilahi away, proclaiming, “Cease this pretense. Mother must be sorrowful, for what reason am I alive?” Daljit, attempting to reason with Seerat, insists, “She is your sister. What are you saying?” Seerat’s reply is uncompromising, “She is not my sister. She is the bane of my existence. She is the one Jahan loves.”

Meanwhile, Jordan seizes the opportunity to take Jahan to a bathtub and turn on the tap. He leaves a bottle within Jahan’s reach. In a sinister declaration, Jordan remarks, “You desire to perish without Ilahi, while I yearn to live with her. Should you meet your demise, our desires shall be fulfilled. Farewell.”

As the episode concludes, a dramatic turn of events unfolds. Jahan is found in a life-threatening situation, gasping for air, while Ilahi, drawn by the sound of running water from his room, rushes to the scene in utter horror, letting out a chilling scream.