Neerja 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Moushmi slaps Abeer.

Neerja 13th October 2023

Neerja 13th October 2023: In the latest episode of Neerja, Neerja confronts Abeer about his visit to Sonagachi. She tells him that he can’t escape the dirt of that place, and now they’re both part of it. She also warns him that no one will believe he went there and didn’t touch her. Abeer, coming from a respected family, faces embarrassment for his mistake. He admits that he knows the truth, but Neerja knows it all along. They share a playful moment.

Later, Abeer leaves the room, and some guys inquire about his night. He gets annoyed and assures them that nothing inappropriate happened, remembering Neerja’s warning. Neerja and Abeer part ways. Bijoy scolds Satark for allowing Abeer to go out without informing Moushmi.

Abeer pleads with Bijoy not to be angry. When Moushmi arrives, Bijoy tells her about Abeer spending the night in Sonagachi. Moushmi slaps Abeer, disappointed in his behavior. She refuses to let him enter their house until he cleans up his act and pours water on his head.

Neerja visits Protima in jail and reveals the truth. Moushmi insists that their home is sacred and Abeer must cleanse his impure thoughts and feelings before returning. She also pours water on his head.

Protima advises Neerja to stand on her own and not rely on others. Moushmi suggests Abeer and Bijoy might need to cleanse the house with holy Ganga water.

Shabborani informs Didun that Neerja ran away with Abeer, but Didun thinks they now hate each other. Shabborani asks if their issues are resolved, but Didun remains adamant, saying it’s impossible. She believes that once someone enters Sonagachi, their fate is sealed.

In the upcoming episode, Didun is asked if she can arrange a marriage with a Shaikh for a beautiful girl. Didun looks at Neerja and agrees to the proposal. Neerja objects, but Didun asserts her control, saying Neerja is her property. Neerja, surprisingly, expresses her willingness for this step.