Anupama Fights for Justice: 13th October 2023 Written Update.

Anupama 13 oct 2023 written update

Written Update: On the 13th of October, 2023, in the episode of Anupama, Vanraj and Anupama showed their determination for justice. Vanraj confronted Suresh, stating that their son’s life is not something that can be bought with cheap plastic cards. He made it clear that they couldn’t be bought or sold. Anupama echoed this sentiment, suggesting that there are others who can be bought and sold, implying that Suresh falls into that category.

Suresh retorted by saying that middle-class people like them can be bought for next to nothing. Anupama challenged him to try to buy their integrity, emphasizing that they were there to stand up for what was right. Vanraj warned Suresh not to provoke them further, as their restraint was out of respect for him as a guest. He also suggested that Suresh’s guards wouldn’t be able to protect him if things escalated.

Suresh, undeterred, expressed his intention to use any means necessary to achieve his goals, just as he did when buying land. He threatened to purchase their self-esteem, insinuating that he had succeeded in separating their son from them, but their family remained united.

Babu ji affirmed their solidarity and strength. Anupama reassured Suresh that he could use any means, but he wouldn’t break the resolve of these parents, promising that their son’s wrongdoings would be addressed. Suresh left in his car with his guards, feeling insulted.

Pakhi received a framed photo of herself with Toshu and Samar as a surprise gift, which brought tears to her eyes. Romil comforted her, acknowledging that he couldn’t replace Samar but would be there for her as her brother. Pakhi expressed her gratitude to Adhik and Romil and expressed her desire to see the person responsible for her son’s death punished.

She expressed her reluctance to talk to him or even see his face. Adhik defended the person, suggesting it was an accident, but Pakhi was adamant that it happened due to his actions.

Later, Anuj and Anupama were informed that there was no concrete proofs to hold Sonu, which left Vanraj and Anupama frustrated. They offered their eyewitness accounts, but the inspector explained that they needed more evidence. He told them that they had to find the gun used in the shooting, which was challenging because there were no working cameras in the parking lot.

Kavya, in the meantime, was on her way to meet Vanraj when her auto driver took an alternate route. When she tried to call Vanraj, the driver refused to stop and even pushed her out of the auto. Kavya fell down and cried out for her baby.

Anuj assured Anupama that he was with her in their fight for justice. Anupama was resolute in her determination to see the case through, promising to send the guilty party to jail. She wiped away her tears and declared her unwavering commitment to the cause.

In the preview, Toshu and Pakhi decided not to give a statement, which angered Vanraj. He accused them of betraying family bonds by refusing to help in their quest for justice.