Titli 13th October 2023 Episode Written Update: Megha Provokes Garv.

Titli 13th October 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Megha saying, “I’m happy that no other family has lied to us except Manikant and Koel. We all didn’t know, Titli, you also didn’t know, right?” Garv asks Titli if she knows, and she starts crying. This makes Garv angry. Megha reassures Garv that she’s certain Titli doesn’t know.

Dhara writes a love letter for Chintu and gets a call from him. Chintu tells her he has something important to share, and they both hear Garv shouting. Chintu wonders why Garv is shouting, and Dhara says she’ll find out and asks him not to hang up.

Garv keeps pressing Titli to answer, and Megha insists that she’s sure Titli doesn’t know. Garv asks Titli to swear on him and tell the truth. Titli cries and admits that she knows Chichi’s secret. This revelation shocks Garv, and Chintu hears it on the call. Dhara looks worried.

Garv breaks down and questions why Titli did this. Chiku wakes up and watches. Garv expresses his disappointment, saying he was changing for her, trusted her, and had faith in their love. Megha intervenes, trying to calm Garv while scolding Titli, which only angers Garv further.

Dhrishti meets a doctor who says that having an abortion at this time could be life-threatening. Dhrishti pleads for help, but the doctor advises against it. She calls Sandy, and he scolds her, speaking with another girl before hanging up. Dhrishti is left in a dilemma.

Megha questions Titli, asking if she doesn’t feel pity for Garv, who loves her and trusts her. Titli accuses Megha of trying to create misunderstandings and driving them apart. Garv erupts, scolding Titli and breaking things. Chiku gets scared, and Titli cries. Garv expresses his deep disappointment in Koel and Titli, taking Chiku with him.

Titli sits there crying, and Koel comforts her, assuring that Garv will talk to her once his anger subsides. She hugs Titli and cries. Megha, with a smile, taunts Titli, enjoying the failure of her love story and declaring that Garv can never change. She laughs.

Precap: Titli pleads with Chiku to save her, but he’s haunted by an old incident. Garv and everyone watch in shock.