The Malayali Touch in Kerala Blasters: Homegrown Heroes

Kerala Blasters: Unveiling the Essence of Kerala Blasters Football Club

In the realm of Indian football, the clash between Kerala Blasters and Jamshedpur FC is nothing short of a spectacle. Two teams, each with its own unique identity, come face to face on the football pitch, generating immense excitement among fans. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Kerala Blasters, exploring what makes them a big club, who dons the iconic No. 12 jersey, why they are famous, and whether there are Malayali connections within the team.

Kerala Blasters: A Brief Overview

Kerala Blasters

The Birth of Kerala Blasters

The inception of Kerala Blasters FC took place in 2014 as a part of the Indian Super League (ISL), aiming to ignite the football fervor in the state of Kerala.

The Yellow Brigade

The team, often referred to as the ‘Yellow Brigade,’ dons a distinctive yellow jersey that symbolizes the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm of the state’s football fans.

Is Kerala Blasters a Big Club?

Fanatical Fanbase

One cannot undermine the significance of the Kerala Blasters’ fanbase. With a massive following and fervent supporters, they have become a powerhouse in terms of fan engagement.

Star-Studded Squad

Over the years, Kerala Blasters have boasted a roster of renowned international and domestic players, enhancing their status as a top-tier football club in India.

Consistent Performers

Although they haven’t clinched an ISL title yet, Kerala Blasters have consistently delivered thrilling performances, maintaining their status as a formidable contender.

The Mystery of No. 12

The Iconic Jersey

The No. 12 jersey holds a special place in the hearts of Kerala Blasters’ fans. It symbolizes the “12th Man,” signifying the fans’ unwavering support, which is often considered the team’s extra player on the field.

The Fan’s Voice

Every season, Kerala Blasters allows their fans to choose the lucky individual who gets to wear the No. 12 jersey. This tradition adds a personal touch and connects the players with the fans on a deeper level.

Why is Kerala Blasters Famous?

Thrilling Atmosphere

The home matches of Kerala Blasters at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi are nothing short of a spectacle. The electrifying atmosphere created by passionate fans is renowned throughout the footballing world.

Memorable Moments

The club has been a part of several memorable encounters and dramatic moments in the ISL, making them a hot topic in Indian football.

Cultural Blend

Kerala Blasters represent a cultural blend, as they bring together players from various parts of India and the world. This fusion adds to their unique charm.

Malayali Influence in Kerala Blasters

Local Talents

Kerala Blasters have not shied away from nurturing local talents. Over the years, they have provided opportunities for budding Malayali footballers to shine on a bigger stage.

Malayali Stars

From players to coaching staff, there have been Malayali individuals who have made significant contributions to the Kerala Blasters’ journey.


In the heart of Kerala, the roar of the fans and the spirit of Kerala Blasters FC continue to thrive. The club’s journey has been marked by passion, commitment, and a shared love for football. As they strive for glory in each season, the essence of Kerala Blasters remains indelibly etched in the hearts of football enthusiasts.

Is Kerala Blasters the most popular team in the ISL?

Kerala Blasters certainly boasts one of the largest fanbases in the ISL, but the title of the most popular team is subjective and can vary depending on various factors.

Who is the current captain of Kerala Blasters?

The captaincy of Kerala Blasters may change from season to season, so it’s essential to check the latest updates to know the current captain.

Do Kerala Blasters have a youth development program?

Yes, Kerala Blasters has been actively involved in youth development programs to nurture local talent and promote football in the state.

What is the significance of the No. 12 jersey in football?

The No. 12 jersey is often referred to as the “12th Man” jersey, symbolizing the support of the fans. It represents the idea that the fans are the team’s extra player on the field.

Where can I watch Kerala Blasters matches live?

Kerala Blasters matches are typically broadcast on various sports channels in India. You can also check online streaming platforms for live coverage.